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    Welcome to StatBank Denmark
    News in Statbank Denmark
    12.3 2020: Covid-19
    Statistics Denmark aims to maintain production and communication to the greatest extent possible. In the circumstances of COVID-19, however, we are unable to guarantee observance of the announced releases of newsletters (Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik), Statbank Denmark tables and other publications. We hope our users will understand the situation.
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    Latest releases

    DNPRND: The banks' and the mortgage-credit institutes' accounts (net position) with the Nationalbank
    DNRENTD: Danmarks Nationalbank's official interest rates and money and capital market interest rates by item, country and methodology (daily observations)
    DNVALD: Daily exchange rates by currency and type
    DODC1: Deaths per day (experimental statistics) by sex and age
    DODC2: Deaths per week (experimental statistics) by region, sex and age
    FIKS11: Purchases and sales by industry (DB07), amount and seasonal adjustment
    FIKS22: Purchases and sales (19-grouping) by industry (DB07), amount and seasonal adjustment
    FIKS33: Purchases and sales (36 og 127-grouping) by industry (DB07) and amount
    FIKS44: Purchases and sales (detailed) by industry (DB07) and amount
    FIKS55: Purchases and sales by industry (DB07) and amount
    FIKS9: Purchases and sales historic summary by amount
    KOMPFAST: Compensation for fixed cost to date (experimental statistics) by industry (DB07) and unit
    KOMPSE2A: Compensation - self-employment (experimental statistics) by industry (DB07) and unit
    LONKOM4A: Wage compensation to date (experimental statistics) by industry (DB07) and unit
    LONKOM5A: Wage compensation (experimental statistics) by education, age groups and unit
    LONKOMGA: Wage compensation to date from December 2020 (experimental statistics) by municipality of residence
    MOERKE1: Injured in road traffic accidents reported by casualty wards by reporter, accident situation, means of transport, sex, age and casualty (classified by diagnosis)
    REGN1: Accounts statistics by industry and items
    REGN1A: Key figures in per cent for accounts statistics by industry and items
    REGN2: Accounts statistics by industry, items and size

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